Sunday, February 26, 2017

I've gone soft...

I've been on a break from shows as of late.  Things always slow down after Christmas, and with the freezing cold weather and my new niece that came in January, I'm just starting to get back into traveling to events.  This weekend was my first in a while, and I made the unfortunate discovery that I've gone completely off my game.  I got a heck of a lot of mailing done but my shoulders are wrecked.  Note to self, keep in better shape for work!  Or don't work so much.  I prefer the latter, but will keep on working as I'd like to keep the heat on through the rest of the winter. :D Thankfully I have a week to recharge and restock before heading out to Morgantown Con in NC.  It'll be my first time there, and I'm looking forward to a fun and hopefully busy weekend.   After seeing all the cosplay running around at these events, I want to have another go at making a steampunk hat.  I made one for Halloween last year and it turned out okay, but it's not a perfect fit and I want to give it another go.  I love doing con cosplay, but it's tricky to do a full on outfit if you're running a booth solo too. Do you cosplay?  What's your costume of choice?

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