Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time for the Tri-Cities Highland Games!

In the time I've been doing chainmail I've been to countless shows and festivals that included Highland Games.  And in 6 years I've never actually watched one.  Not ever!  Luck has always put my booth in a separate field or around the corner, and I can't just walk off and leave the chainmail for an hour or 2 to go see what's going on.  This year however, things are changing and I'm going to get to watch the show!

If you've never seen a Highland Games, or love them and want to come see what's going on, the Tri-Cities Highland Games will be this Saturday, March 12, in Johnson City, TN.  You can participate or watch, so check out their page to get details on everything.  Looking forward to seeing you there, and mention this blog post to get a free gift with your chainmail purchase!