Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm one of those "Thanksgiving" people

Christmas is coming!  But it's not here yet, dangit.  Thanksgiving is first, the holiday where we should spend the day being thankful for the positive people, opportunities and blessings in our lives.  Only after that should one jump into the crazy chaotic mess of Christmas.

As a thank you to customers who choose to do their holiday shopping with me and help a small business during Christmas, I have a couple of offers going in the store.  There is a discount for anyone using coupon code NOEL15 in either the chainmail or tree stores.  For Black Friday weekend, I have a special FREE EARRINGS offer!  Keep up on special offers by liking Marci's Chain Designs and Art on Facebook.  If you don't see the FB link on this page, you can find it here!