Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New stuff on sale every week on Facebook!

My totes are heavy.  Too heavy.  Every time I travel to a show I take two huge totes stuffed with chainmail and tree art, and if I keep that up I'll be spending a fortune at the masseuse and chiropractor just so I can stand up straight.  That means it's cleaning time, so I'm having a sale!  Each week on Facebook I'm posting a small lot of items for 30-50% off.  Some pieces are styles in the store, and others are unique and truly one of a kind pieces that have never been posted.  You need to follow my Facebook link on the right and Like Marci's Chain Designs so you always know what's on sale.  Each lot of items is only on sale for the week it's posted, so if you see something you like you'll need to grab it quickly!

What is your favorite item that you would like to see posted in a sale?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Be safe on the fourth. Don't wear chainmail.

Sometimes people make assumptions that aren't true.  We've all done it before and will probably do it again, but be careful to check out things regarding your personal safety.  Chainmail was excellent armor in the middle ages when sword battles were the norm, but wearing it doesn't mean you're safe from everything.  Chainmail will not protect you from the following things.

A grill
Squishy Food

I hope you have a good, long 4th of July weekend.  Please do us all the favor of not protecting yourself from fireworks with chainmail.