Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Is this your towel, or has my dryer started knitting?

I think the most common complaint people make about their dryers has to do with their sock eating tendencies.  Whenever that odd sock comes out it's always the hungry dryer munching on the other one.  I used to believe this, but after a particular set of events I believe that dryers may have something else in mind...

I have several friends who live out of town and sometimes we have a weekend get together at my house.  After the last big party everybody went home, I went back to my usual business of chainmail and several days later I got around to doing laundry.  While unloading the dryer I saw an unfamiliar towel with pretty, colorful turtles on it.

It wasn't mine, so I started asking people who'd been over about it so I could find the owner. Strangely, no one would claim it.  Not a single person said it was theirs, or that they'd seen it while visiting.  At which point I realized that I also didn't see it until it was coming out of the dryer...  Maybe, just maybe, the dryer has been collecting odd socks for a greater purpose.

If only I could convince my printer to repurpose singles into hundreds!  Until then, I'll still be making cool stuff out of chainmail.  Today (11-30-16) is the last day for the 20% off sale!  If you need an awesome and unique gift for someone on your list stop by my site for links to the store.  And Like my page on Facebook for fun photos and special Facebook only discounts.

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  1. Hey Marci! Hope all is well! Hit me up sometime and let's text! :)